That’s me back from my winter trip to New Zealand and when I say winter – I do actually mean the period of the year that most of us would class as summer, but having conquered the massive 56 hour journey from New Zealand and transitioning from Southern Hemisphere Spring, straight into Scottish Autumn, my body and wardrobe choices are still a little confused.

I would like to say a massive thank you to all of you that helped me out over the summer by contributing and spreading word about my campaign on, together we raised over £2000. It’s a huge help towards my season, and it means more than anything to know that I have your support and backing.

As part of my cross training schedule I have been doing quite a bit of cycling and I am delighted to have been invited to take part in this year’s Macmillan Cycletta Scotland, which is a women’s only event cycling event around Perthshire. I think it’s a great idea to have a sportive just for women and especially as it allows girls from the age of 12 and upwards to take part. I’m all for that! The younger we get into a sport, the more likely we are to carry it through into adulthood, and to excel at it. It is something different for me to do and at the same time keeps my fitness levels up which is always important in my sport. I am yet to decide whether I will tackle the 100k distance or opt for one of the shorter ones…watch the space.

I am so excited to be heading out to Austria again in 3 weeks’ time but at the moment my efforts are solely concentrated on getting this last pre-season conditioning block done before the racing kicks off mid-November. Obviously, I am also enjoying being back at home for a few weeks, seeing my family and friends, and am doing my best to drum up support on the financial side of things so fingers crossed.  Last week I was down in London with British Ski and Snowboard for a surprise that will be released shortly 😉

Keep your eyes open for it!

Love Charlie xx

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